Infant Adoption Program


The infant adoption process consists of the following sequence of steps:

ApplicationTrainingHome StudyMatching
& Placement
The adoption process begins with two-hour orientation that walks participants through the adoption process. Holy Family Services provides monthly orientations to prospective adoptive parents seeking information about the infant adoption and fost adopt programs. We equip prospective parents with a step-by-step overview of the legal, financial and emotional process in becoming adoptive parents. HFS lays out a clear framework for what’s required by state law to qualify to become adoptive parents. Once the orientation step is completed, HFS provides a registration packet that includes self-study materials and intake forms. Individuals and/or couples who choose to proceed submit their completed materials along with a non-refundable $100 registration fee which initiates the intake interview.Upon completion of the intake interview, prospective parents will receive an application. This detailed packet includes a checklist of ALL California requirements for adoption, including medical clearances, criminal background checks, birth and/or marriage certificates, financial disclosure forms, references, etc.HFS will provide prospective parents pursuing infant adoption with specialized training to enhance their knowledge of child development and parenting skills specific to the needs of adopted children.  Our education workshops include state required courses for infant adoption. After applicants have completed the application packet and attended the related training, HFS will conduct one-on-one and couple interviews (if applicable). HFS will also evaluate the home for safety.  This information is collected to create a family analysis or home study.All State of California adoptions require an official a home study that evaluates the qualifications of prospective adoptive parents. The home study considers prospective parents’ personal history, financial stability, medical well being and current home safety. HFS walks individuals and families through the process in a respectful and non-judgmental way.Once prospective parents have received an approved home study they are approved for adoption and the matching process begins. For infant adoption, birth parents have the opportunity to select the adopting family.After the child is placed in the home, HFS will remain involved until the adoption is formally completed.

Services and Fees


HFS provides separate social workers to assist birth parents and prospective parents. Each social worker advocates on behalf of their client to create the best possible outcome for the child and for all parties involved. When everyone's needs are met, the adoption is a healthier one.


Parenting education and workshops are provided as part of the adoption process. Having the opportunity to learn important and strong parenting skills is part of the adoption program at HFS.


Our infant adoption fee is $18,000. HFS maintains a birth parent fund that covers all birth parent expenses, eliminating large medical and hospital bills. Adoptive parents make a one time $3,000 contribution to this fund as part of the process. Legal finalization fees range from $500-$800.


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